More than employees, a real community

Saint-Gobain, it is 167,000 employees around the world. 167,000 people bound by the same passion: Make the World a Better Home. A goal that links us all together and that we share on a daily basis with our colleagues who are geographically closest to us, but also with those who are further away.

Thanks to our internal social network, we have the chance to exchange on a daily basis, whether it be for professional projects or extra-professional ones, such as our involvement in associations, sponsorship actions, collective leisure activities (theater groups, sports events, language lunches, etc.) and even small local or international internal competitions and afterworks. Because working at Saint-Gobain is also being part of a big family.

Find below, some of the projects realized.

EHS Brazil

Internal Global Competitions

Employees participating in the EHS Super League, an award program designed to raise awareness of safety actions and measures in the plant. Each area forms a team and players have monthly and yearly scores.



Saint-Gobain, it is also a meeting place for passionate people, like those in our theater troupe at the Saint-Gobain Tower. Every week, they meet at lunchtime, share their love of Molière and put on a magnificent end-of-year show for us each year.


Activities with the Foundation

The Saint-Gobain Foundation supports projects carried out by non-profit organizations in all the countries where the Group is present. It is based on the sponsorship of projects by Group employees or retirees. The photo illustrates the Litro de Luz project, sponsored by our collaborator Daniel, Corporate Transport Manager in Brazil. Its objective, to install infrastructures allowing to bring the light in the houses / streets of disadvantaged districts of Rio de Janeiro. As a result, 100 "solar bottles" were installed in homes and 400 in streets with the involvement of local communities and Saint-Gobain. Well done Daniel!


Mixity Actions

One of the initiatives taken by Saint-Gobain and thirty employees of the Group is to have created, with the Rêv'Elles association, a personal project support program dedicated to young girls from low-income neighborhoods. One of its objectives is to help them discover the world of business, our sector and our professions over a five-month period.

Equipe NOVA_Square


What happiness for some teams who finally met after several months following the reopening of the terraces to spend a friendly moment together. This is the example of the NOVA team, our startup experts. The European team and the US team of the entity finally had the opportunity to meet virtually on the same day each at a terrace: some in Paris and others in San Francisco. A moment of conviviality without boundaries.

Danse Show China_Square

Annual internal events

Our Abrasives China teams in a dance show for the annual Saint-Gobain China / Asia-Pacific Gala dinner. Every year, all of the Business Units in China perform at this dinner: dance, songs, comedies, games, etc.


Corporate philanthropy is at the heart of the actions of Saint-Gobain employees. The ultimate goal is to make life more comfortable for everyone. This is a cause that is dear to Saint-Gobain... and to us, the employees who can freely commit to these programs!

Some examples :

The program of skills sponsorship against fuel poverty! 

The principle: employees put their skills at the service of associations working in this field.
For example, two of our employees have carried out a mission with the association Stop Exclusion Énergétique. Sonia and Cécile work in the field of communication and marketing, and have contributed to the redesign of the association's website "le lab". This site is intended to promote actions and good practices implemented to fight against fuel poverty and supports projects such as the "Stop Exclusion Énergétique" Awards, which mobilize private and public actors on the subject.

Let's Go Carbon Zero

To engage all its employees on the road to carbon neutrality by 2050, and to contribute to the Group's 2030 CO2 emissions reduction target, Saint-Gobain has launched an internal Carbon Fund. First implemented in a pilot region, Northern Europe, it aims to accelerate the reduction of non industrial CO2 emissions through the everyday actions of employees and targeted investments on sites.

The areas covered by these investments are mainly related to sustainable employee mobility, renewable energies and improving well-being and energy efficiency at Saint-Gobain sites.

an internal survey: me @Saint-Gobain

68% of new hires feel that relationships with their colleagues are as good as or better than they expected.


Each year, Saint-Gobain employees respond to an internal survey: me @Saint-Gobain. This global study enables all employees of the Group to give feedback about what it is like to work for Saint-Gobain. Its objective is to understand and improve the employee experience at Saint-Gobain; not only at Saint-Gobain Group level but also in the employee-specific work environment level.

Employees are committed and strongly recommend Saint-Gobain as an employer at 82%

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Saint-Gobain Ambassadors

By joining Saint-Gobain, you will also be able to join the Group's Ambassadors program and become a spokesperson for your expertise around the world.