At the heart of many expectations, the issues of diversity and inclusion are part of Saint-Gobain's Sustainable Action program in France.

Inclusion Diversité

Launched in the spring of 2021, Acting sustainably is the social and environmental commitment program for all Saint-Gobain employees in France. Until now, it was based on three pillars (green mobility, sustainable projects and energy renovation). From now on, this program, which aims to bring together all the possibilities for social and environmental commitment by employees in France, will be supplemented by a fourth pillar: Commitments to inclusion and diversity.

Each employee is unique. Committing to inclusion and diversity means moving forward collectively to make our differences a common melting pot in which everyone can express their full potential. By committing to inclusion and diversity at our own level, we are moving forward together towards a company where inclusion and diversity are a daily asset.

This pillar is designed to enable employees in France to make a concrete commitment to five forms of diversity: gender, disability, generations, populations far from employment and LGBTQ+. There are many ways to get involved: getting involved in a network, supporting the people concerned, showing off one's job and career path, or simply getting information or training on these subjects.

On the issue of gender, for example, employees can choose to join a Women in Network (WIN) in their region, apply to become a mentee (mentor) through WIN Mentoring, support a young woman through the Capital Filles program, or present their job and career path with Rêv’Elles. To learn more, it is possible to follow the "Unconscious Bias" training on Boost, or to attend workshops, organized on an ad hoc basis, such as those on "Visibility" or "Street Harassment" by the Fondation des Femmes.

In addition, during DuoDay, organized during the last European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, 110 duos were formed between people with disabilities and Group employees in France, in order to introduce them to our businesses and careers. Everyone can take part in this operation and host a disabled person for a day in 2022!

Finally, the "1 young person, 1 solution" program allows employees who so wish to "mentor" a young person, with the Proxité or C'Possible association for example, or to host trainees from priority education networks (REP) in order to introduce young people to our businesses and thus create vocations.

In 2022, everyone's commitment will be key to advancing diversity and inclusion within the Group.