A digital university in Colombia

Saint-Gobain has been involved in the construction of the first public higher education establishment in Colombia, the Institución Universitaria Digital de Antioquia, a building designed to ensure the noise comfort of students and provide them with a quality study environment. 

Universitaria Digital de Antioquia
Credit: Antioquiacritica.com

In Colombia, 6 out of 10 young people are unable to access higher learning because of a lack of financial resources, but also because of a shortage of career guidance, particularly in public schools. A national study shows that only 27.7% of public-school students go into higher education (compared with 47.7% of private-school pupils). This is why the Colombian government wanted to build a public higher education establishment. Saint-Gobain helped to make the Institución Universitaria Digital de Antioquia a reality, a solution to open technical and technological studies to even the most underprivileged students.

Universitaria Digital de Antioquia
Credit: Antioquia.gov.co

The building, in the heart of Medellin, has a total surface area of 8,300 m² over 5 stories, with an architecture that favors quality acoustics for the comfort of students. Isover Fiberglass solutions developed locally have been used, such as Black Theater acoustical boards, Acoustic Membrane asphalt membranes, and Roof Insulation HD or Frescasa Eco insulation. The success of this project is down to the collaboration and technical support of the Saint-Gobain teams, who were able to meet the customer’s expectations while adapting to the budget, without ever losing sight of the technical requirements.