Evolution of healthcare facilities!

Care establishments (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes) must constantly adapt their structures, due to the evolution of their patients, arrival of new pathologies, new care constraints but also to the consequences of climate change. A brief overview of the today and tomorrow’s challenges is done in this white paper from Saint-Gobain Solutions France, dedicated to healthcare establishments.


Bringing more flexibility in a sector full of health and safety constraints, to guarantee the care of patients in good conditions, is not easy. Whether new or old, it is important that healthcare establishments are redesigned in a new form: more modular, flexible, open. Indeed, to ensure the sustainability of their operation, they must also evolve to the rhythm of the advanced technologies they accommodate, take the turn of day surgery but also cope with the influx of patients, always increasing.

Another major challenge: climate change! Reducing the CO2 emissions, being more sustainable and low-carbon should lead to buildings that are optimized in terms of design from a thermal, energy, carbon impact and summer comfort point of view.

The right balance must be found between energy consumption (which is more and more expensive), the need for high comfort (especially for of an aging population) and the quality of life expected by the nursing staff, working in the building.

These are challenges to which Saint-Gobain provides solutions to :

  • Take care of the design and construction quality of these buildings, both from a thermal, acoustic and light point of view, as well as air quality or hygiene
  • Allow modularity and adaptability of interior spaces
  • Renovate and thus reduce energy consumption and CO2 gas emissions.

Find the white paper (in French) here.