The gold mine of rainwater

Water is a precious natural resource. Solutions for professionals and individuals, training, innovation... In France, PUM is committed at all levels to conserving and recovering rainwater and runoff.


PUM, a trading partner of professionals in the building, public works and outdoor development sectors, has placed water management at the heart of its PURE (Pour Un Réseau Engagé, meaning For a Committed Network in French) approach: the company wants to be an active contributor to the improved use of rainwater. To achieve this, the management of rainwater and runoff must begin with the development work to allow the water to infiltrate and be cleaned before reinjected into the water table.

PUM therefore acts at all levels. Firstly, by proposing innovative and responsible solutions to the public works companies that carry out this work on behalf of local authorities, as well as solutions that adapt to each type of individual need: collecting rainwater, storing it and using it in the home (supplying toilets and washing machines) or for watering the garden.

Secondly, by training employees; this fast-growing market is evolving rapidly, and it is essential to train teams in order to assist customers in all circumstances. The MyPUM Campus training center is a major asset here. The company has a team of in-house trainers who know these solutions inside out and who teach both face-to-face and distance learning.

In addition, PUM works hand-in-hand with its industrial partners to identify the most relevant innovations: creating rainwater recovery kits, vertical or horizontal storage tanks depending on the nature of the soil, proposing an aquatextile (a technical textile that manages the quality of the water in the soil) that is depolluting and requires no maintenance. PUM even plays the role of catalyst by putting manufacturers and partners in touch with each other so that they can work together to make the solutions even more effective.

Finally, PUM has been working for three years to increase the proportion of recycled material in the products it sells, and already displays it on more than 300 articles. A flurry of actions that proves both the importance of water management and PUM's central positioning in this constantly evolving market.