Grand Paris Express: CHRYSO all down the line

In France, Paris is redefining its urban network by building several new metro lines. CHRYSO is participating in this colossal project by providing concrete formula solutions for one of them.

Grand Paris Express : CHRYSO sur toute la ligne
©Laurent Villeret

The Grand Paris Express is the largest urban project in Europe: four new automatic metro lines, 200 km of track, 68 new stations to connect the major strategic areas of the Ile-de-France region (airports, business centers, research and university centers) to each other and to the capital.

CHRYSO, a leader in construction chemistry, has participated in the admixture and formulation of concrete for the future Line 15 South, which will open in 2025.

Specific solutions have been developed by CHRYSO's Research & Development for this large-scale project. The CHRYSO®OPTIMA 1340 superplasticizer was used for the concrete of cast walls, reinforced concrete walls cast directly in the ground. The curved tunnel lining segments used the CHRYSO®Tera 482 solution to guarantee the quality of the finish of these key prefabricated components used in underground construction.

Such a construction site, due to its configuration in an urban area and at great depth, is associated with many technical challenges. The workability of the concrete is an essential aspect for the success of this construction: the less fluid the concrete is, the less it sags when hardening. Here again, the CHRYSO®OPTIMA 1340 solution was chosen for the stability it gives to concrete. Its 10-hour workability period allows it to maintain its technical and mechanical performance in both the fresh and hardened state. 580,000 m3 of concrete was poured at the Vert de Maisons station, at a depth of up to 75 meters.

The Grand Paris Express is a transport and development project that will transform the city of Paris. By 2030, the Greater Paris area will have grown by 1.5 million inhabitants. An increasing need for housing that Saint-Gobain is proud to serve.

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