Saint-Gobain once again honors its young V.I.E. talents

On Friday, October 9th, virtually took place the Saint-Gobain’s V.I.E. Young Talent Awards ceremony. Like a Cesars’ ceremony, 6 young talents who completed their V.I.E. this year at Saint-Gobain were presented with a trophy by executive’s members of the Group.

This contest recognizes talented young individuals whose international business placements have made a particularly strong contribution to Saint-Gobain’s international development and whose behavior illustrated one of the five managerial Attitudes promoted by the Group: Cultivating Customer Intimacy, Acting as an Entrepreneur, Innovation, Being Agile and Building an Open and Engaging Culture. A 6th special “Trust-Empowerment-Collaboration” prize is linked to the company’s transformation plan: Transform & Grow.

Coming from 17 countries and having completed an assignment of at least six months between July 2019 and June 2020, 55 young talents entered their contest for the prizes. After reviewing their applications, recommendations of their managers, and a short-listed period, 11 candidates were by selected.

Here are the 2020 winners from the worldwide jury: 

  • The Cultivating Customer Intimacy prize was awarded to Robin LESSIRARD for his customer prototype development assignment for the Group’s automotive activities, at first in the United States and then in Mexico. 
  • The Acting as an Entrepreneur prize was awarded to Maxime PIVETEAU for his marketing strategy analyst assignment in the United States for Saint-Gobain’s siding activities. 
  • Marie-Caroline SOLIGNAC won the Innovation prize for her production-site development engineer assignment in the United States for the new dynamic glazing activity. 
  • The Being Agile prize was awarded to Emma MORNET for her junior lawyer assignment in the United Arabic Emirates. 
  • The Building an Open and Engaging Culture prize went to Pedro GARCIA SANMIGUEL for his product life-cycle assignment in Mexico for the Group’s flat glass activities. 
  • The special “Trust-Empowerment-Collaboration” prize was awarded to Ariane BRISSET  for her process optimization engineer assignment in Sweden for Saint-Gobain’s insulation activities.

Since the establishment of the V.I.E. program in 1985, Saint-Gobain has taken on more than 800 volunteers in 48 countries. Thanks to a close partnership with the Business France teams, Saint-Gobain has tripled the number of its V.I.E. contracts since 2014 (from 37 to over 100 in some years). The proportion of female volunteers has also risen strongly, with women now accounting for more than 45% of all V.I.E. participants. In 2019, nearly 50% of volunteers were hired at the end of the program. Firmly committed to supporting the professional integration of the young generations, Saint-Gobain decided to maintain all its recruitment programs for young people, be they V.I.E. assignments, young graduate jobs or apprenticeship positions, with a view to facilitating their access to employment in today’s COVID-impacted environment. 

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