A school to combat poverty

Since 2023, Norton Abrasives Brazil has been offering vocational training in automotive repair to women living in poverty. The first graduates have already found lasting employment, and a new intake is scheduled for the first half of 2024. 

Une école pour sortir de la précarité

In Brazil, 17 million families are economically and socially vulnerable. For the most part, they are supported single-handedly by women, lone mothers with no career prospects due to lack of training1. Yet the Brazilian automotive after-sales sector, with an annual nationwide turnover of €13bn, employs just 17% women2.  

This stark observation led Norton Abrasives Brazil (Surface Solutions BU) to launch the Alúmina Pro program, with the help of the Saint-Gobain Foundation and partner companies. This initiative aims to offer these women opportunities for vocational reintegration by training them in automotive repair. In 2023, the first year’s intake was divided into two classes. 

Une école pour sortir de la précarité

For three months, they were trained in painting, sanding and polishing at specialist schools, Norton’s workshops and those of its partners. They also received financial assistance, psychological support and career guidance. 

The candidates have become ambassadors for the Norton brand and the Alúmina Pro program in their personal and professional circles. The 2024 intake is due to start in April, illustrating the determination of Surface Solutions BU teams in Brazil to promote sustainable, inclusive growth with a positive social impact. 

To find out more, watch the video introducing the Alúmina Pro program. 


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