Treat yourself and enjoy the view!

SageGlass® was chosen by the restaurant of a 5-star luxury hotel in France for its brand new glass roof. It has been a long-standing wish of the guests: make the most of the breathtaking view of the city of Lyon offered by the establishment. Challenge taken up thanks to the smart glass SageGlass®!

The restaurant Les Terrasses, at La Villa Florentine hotel, has recently been renovated to offer its guests the pleasure of French cuisine in a glass case. It was a long-standing wish of the customers and the manager: to make the most of the panorama of Les Terrasses. This is now possible, thanks to Saint-Gobain's SageGlass® expertise. More than 800 square meters of SageGlass® glazing have been installed in the skylight of the veranda, offering an exceptional view of the city of Lyon. The dynamic glass tints or clears automatically to optimize daylight levels while preventing heat and glare without the need for blinds or shades. SageGlass® delivers superior thermal and visual comfort, enhances people’s well-being and saves energy. Whether it is a hot day in summer or a cool night in winter, you will always have a front row seat thanks to SageGlass®. Enjoy the view, and bon appétit!

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Photo Credit: Alexandre Moulard.