Employee engagement and diversity

For more than 350 years, we have relied on a strong corporate culture that builds employee loyalty and attracts talents. Every day, we are changing our management methods to give ever more space to the entrepreneurial spirit, to the acquisition of new skills, to continuous dialogue.

Engagement Diversité Collaborateur

Employee engagement

  • To create a motivating and engaging work environment for all our employees
  • To place managerial attitude and involvement at the heart of our approach

In a world of change and upheaval, we want a career at Saint-Gobain to be a testament to skills development, well-being and commitment. We therefore consider each collaboration over the long term by providing quality support to all our employees.

When restructuring is inevitable, the employees affected by workforce adjustments benefit from personalized support programs which may result in training associated with retraining, assistance for geographic mobility or support for the execution of a personal project, such as the creation of a business.

In order to provide concrete answers to social issues, we actively promote local dialogue between employees, representative bodies and the Group. With regard to compensation, companies establish their compensation policy according to market factors and local living conditions. At the same time, employee share ownership offers employees the opportunity to become shareholders on preferential terms. This also illustrates Saint-Gobain's desire to involve its employees in strategic decisions.

In 2020, Saint-Gobain has launched “CARE by Saint-Gobain”, a social protection program for all Group employees worldwide and their families, which provides specific minimum cover to meet essential daily health needs as well as support for employees during significant moments in their lives and protection against unforeseen circumstances.
By 2023, 100% of Saint-Gobain employees and their families will enjoy the full benefits of the CARE by Saint- Gobain program. Newly-acquired entities have three years to finalize the roll-out of the program.

The employee satisfaction survey conducted in 2023 shows that 89% say they are proud to work at Saint-Gobain and 85% would recommend the group as a good company to work in. With a participation rate of 84% in 2022, 126,470 employees in 75 countries have expressed their opinions.

For the 8th consecutive year, we have been awarded the “Top Employer Global” label by the Top Employers Institute.

Diversities and inclusion

  • Diversifying our teams 
  • Encouraging inclusion and promoting diversity in all its forms: gender, nationalities, training, career paths, generational diversity, disabilities, ethnic and social origins, wherever we are present

For a rich, open corporate culture that is in tune with the world around us, we at Saint-Gobain recognize and respect the uniqueness of each individual. We want to integrate and mobilize these differences by creating an environment that promotes equity and equality, which are essential to true professional growth. We therefore commit to a principle of zero tolerance regarding discrimination and to promoting diversity in all its forms: gender diversity, but also regarding nationality, social origin, training, professional background, generational diversity or disability.

Our policy on inclusion and diversity is driven by three complementary levers:

  • a proactive policy adapted to local contexts that increases the diversity of the teams,
  • internal promotions and managerial integration that promote internal diversity,
  • equitable remuneration and access to training and promotion that foster equal opportunities.

In 2023, Saint-Gobain announced new objectives for gender diversity in management bodies: "Our objective for 2025 is to reach 30% of women executives within the Group, compared to 28 % in 2023".

Well-being at work

We place fundamental importance on both the physical and mental health of our employees. The Mental WellBeing (MWB) program was rolled out to all Group managers. The program takes the form of an interactive app and was designed to help managers optimize the psychological well-being of their teams. Each manager can build a tailored program for his or her team, monitor it and exchange it with other managers or share relevant best practices drawn from their experience. There are six action areas: management practices, change management, interpersonal environment, physical working environment, work-life balance, and personal well-being skills.



  • Diversity index: 91 % in 2023 (nationality, experience, gender)
  • Our objective is 25% female managers in 2025: 24.8% in 2023
  • More than 92 % of our employees have completed at least one training course in 2023.
  • In 2023, 8.7% of our shares are held by our employees.